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The weekly Quilted Bananas Radio Show is broadcast on Sundays, 10 - 11 am, on Wellington Access Radio 106.1 FM. You can also listen to the live broadcast of the programme online on Sunday mornings - go to the Access Radio website to live stream. There are also links to subscribe to podcasts at apple podcasts or Spotify, or download apps for android or iOS.

The Quilted Bananas Radio Programme is supported by the Rule Foundation.

Notices for broadcasting on the programme should be sent to qbananasradio@gmail.com

Check out the Programme's facebook page Quilted Bananas Radio for the latest updates from programme presenters.

The most recent programmes are available on the Quilted Bananas Radio page on the Access Radio website. Each Sunday's programme can generally be downloaded within a day of broadcasting. Here are the latest programmes available - click the link to play:

2023 podcasts

2022 podcasts

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  • 26 June Karen with Fiona: their favourite lesbian comedians - interview with Clarissa Chandrahasen
  • 19 June the Raw Fish Show - DJ Panda with Kura ... music, news and events
  • 12 June Sue & Fiona with guest Emer Lyons talking about the new collection of Heather McPherson's poems I do not cede which she has edited, and the Spiral Collectives
  •  5 June Angele with Debbie - news, notices, poetry, music
  • 29 May Sue: the Wellington Queer Arts Festival queeraf.nz this coming week; some British history - Maggie Thatcher, Section 28 and the rise of the UK Gay Liberation movement; current US political situation; recent political changes for the queer community in NZ ... plus music of course
  • 22 May Fiona with guest Alayne Dick of twee-punk band Bored Housewive's Club, upcoming gigs and being involved in improv with Tiny Dog, a Poneke-based group. Also Siân Torrington talking about making art and creative flow, and the exhibitions that have kept her busy this year. Both are appearing in the upcoming Queer Arts Festival. But no podcast ... sad
  • 15 May the Raw Fish Show with DJ Panda - music and chat
  •  8 May Angele with Debbie - Mothers Day with Helen Reddy's I Am Woman, current affairs, creative events at Fringe Bar, notices, poetry
  • 24 Apr Sue & Fiona - books, TV programmes ... sadly no podcast
  • 17 Apr Raw Fish Show - DJ Panda with Kura ... podcast evaporated
  • 10 Apr Raw Fish Show special edition with DJ Panda
  •  3 Apr: oopsy ... no show ... studio malfunction
  • 27 Mar the Raw Fish Show - DJ Panda with Kura
  • 20 Mar Rosie: the lesbian St Patrick's Day show
  • 13 Mar Karen: interviewers with two queer innovators - Scout on setting up a Queer Innovators co-working space Secret Secret Club in Wellington; Sam on transforming an old Greymouth church into community space Gloria ... in PINK
  •  6 Mar Angele & Debbie: dedicated to the rainbow community in Ukraine and the threats posed by Russia
  • 27 Feb Fiona & Sue  with guest Chelsea from AlphabetBookClub talking about banned books
  • 21 Feb the Raw Fish Show - DJ Panda with Kura and Octavius, and an interview with Savieey Ali’iva’a Nua from the Ngā Uri o Whiti Te Rā Mai Le Moana Trust of Porirua, a Pasifika and Māori performing arts group supporting youth and children
  • 13 Feb Karen: interview with William Duignan of Butch Mermaid about their Fringe Festival musical cabaret Too Much Hair
  •  6 Feb Fiona & Sue: interview with Sally Morgan (2022 Portico Prize winner) about the North of England, queerness in the '70s, her characters, and her fabulous book Toto Among The Murderers
  • 30 Jan Creek: escapism with queer books and TV in Omicron times!
  • 23 Jan the Raw Fish Show - DJ Panda with Kura and friend talk about summer days
  • 16 Jan Angele & Debbie - poetry, feminist writers (Wellington Feminist Creative Network), local govt democracy and more
  •  9 Jan Karen & Debbie  - personal reviews of 2021 - books they have read and more
  •  2 Jan Sue & Fiona  - interview with Chelsea from the Alphabet Book Club - it's an online digital book store as well as a book club with rainbow books for all ages! ... podcast awol

2021 podcasts

  • 26 Dec Karen & Debbie ... podcast awol
  • 19 Dec Creek & Emmie - Lost Musicians Who Wanna Look Like Us
  • 12 Dec DJ Panda - Kura with guest Octavius Jones and Tiffany Wayne
  •  5 Dec  Leilani: with guest Wayne aka Tiffany Wayne
  • 28 Nov Angele: news, notices, poetry and music
  • 21 Nov Rosie: Irish lesbian techie programme featuring 1980s and 1990s music
  • 14 Nov the Raw Fish Show - DJ Panda with Kura
  •  7 Nov Angele and Debbie: the poetry show
  • 31 Oct Sue & Fiona with author Kim Hunt talking about her book The Beautiful Dead, living in Australia, her cars ...
  • 24 Oct: Siân - the Femme Rants Show with Rem Wigmore, author of new a book Foxhunt [no podcast]
  • 17 Oct the Raw Fish show - DJ Panda with guest Octavius Jones
  • 10 Oct Karen: Book reviews (including Fun home and Are You My Mother by Alison Bechdel) [both books are available LILAC], queer goings on in Wellington and music
  •  3 Oct Fiona & Sue: with Jean and Felix from the cast of Hir - a new play at Circa
  • 26 Sept Fiona & Sue: the select committees and the gay conversion, and BDMRR bills
  • 19 Sept the Raw Fish show with DJ Panda
  • 12 Sept Creek - magazine-style with hens, BDMRR bill, a couple of musos
  •  5 Sept - no programme
  • 29 Aug the Raw Fish show - DJ Panda with Kura - music plus more lockdown tips and tricks
  • 22 Aug the Raw Fish show - DJ Panda with Kura - music plus lockdown tips and tricks
  • 15 Aug Fiona & Sue with Jean & Jess talking about their queer ballet Sapphic Lake - the ancient Greek myth of Iphis and Ianthe gets a queer modern makeover ... with Doc Martens! Coming to Bats from 17 August
  •  8 Aug Karen - Olympics queer sport special with Annie from Different Strokes
  •  1 Aug Rosie - lesbian radio show, with Irish lesbian poet Emer Lyons
  • 25 July Siân with members of new group Queer Endurance/Defiance
  • 18 July Karen & Debbie - sporty and swimming things; interview with Annie from Different Strokes
  • 11 July Sue & Fiona - the 35th anniversary of Homesexual Law reform, LGBTIQ+ news from around the world, books and more
  •  4 July DJ Panda Raw Fish Show with a Dawn Raids commerative special
  • 27 June Kura with part 2 of an interview with Val Little ... duh recording failed
  • 20 June Debbie & Kura with local poet Angele Toomey
  • 13 June Siân - femme rants about community with an interview with Val Little
  • 6 June Sue & Fiona - Les Geeks do a book show with music ... but the recorder was on holiday again
  • 30 May the Raw Fish Show - DJ Panda with Kura
  • 23 May - Karen and Sophie from InsideOUT ... duh recording failed
  • 16 May Linda & Sue with local author Andi Buchanan talking about science fiction
  •  9 May Rosie - the lesbian programme - lesbian podcasts; digital assistants, technology and gender
  •  2 May ... oops no show
  • 25 Apr Sue & Fiona - interview with comedian Jadwiga Green
  • 18 Apr Sue - talked about the recent CARN (Cross Agency Rainbow Network) conference

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History and philosophy

The Quilted Bananas Radio Programme provides lively coverage of news, politics, activities, interviews and music for queer women & non-binary folk. It focuses on Wellington regional activities, but also covers national and international news. As an acronym our name stands for: Queer, Intersectional, Intersex, Lesbian, Takataapui, Trans, Enby, Diverse ... Bisexual, Asexual, and Nanas (because a lot of us also identify as nanas). As a metaphor, Quilted Bananas is about celebrating all the slippery overlaps these communities can have.

Quilted Bananas started life as the Wellington Lesbian Community Radio Programme, airing under that name for more than 35 years until our revamp in 2019.

The programme is run by a collective of presenters and technicians and we always welcome new volunteers – if interested, email our heirloom address: qbananasradio@gmail.com

We value respect and we don’t do gender-policing.

There is an interview with Prue about the programme and its history on PrideNZ.com, and an article by Linda Evans about the history of the programme on nzhistory.govt.nz/women-together.